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A number of fans and musicians have made it their mission to cover our music systematically and there is no point in trying to duplicate their efforts. This page will provide links mainly to websites directly relevant to our interests, ie. "resource" sites that will lead the user as deeply into the subject as he/she wants to surf, and others that provide links far beyond their obvious subject matter or that provide information I think might be useful.
This page is subject to the whimsies of the little old Webmeister, who giveth and taketh away, and
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Dixieland/Traditional Jazz

Dixieland Jazz Mailing List DJML is an eMail discussion group with fans and musicians from all over the world, including some old-timers who played with many of the "greats".  Many of its members go to festivals, where they often have "face2face" socials.

Hot Jazz Mailing List

Potomac River Jazz Club This site includes a schedule of Washington DC area jazz events, as well as a list with links to our many local bands. Red Hot Jazz Archive A major site that is full of information on the 20s jazz bands, and includes a huge collection of audio files.

All-Media Guide  Huge site that is an inexhaustible source of information on the history of music on records and other media.  It includes the material in the published All-Media Guides: Biographies, including selected discographies, mainly of CDs, with critical annotations of many items; length of treatment varies with importance of the figure. There are many "music maps", ie. historical diagrams of key figures, genres, etc. etc. There is all sorts of cross-referencing between the historic materials, biographies and discographies.

World of Gramophones  This is a browser's delight, a cornucopia of goodies relating to old jazz and other music 1900-20s-30s. It has a large listening library, lists of CDs, books, and films. Don't be put off by the commercial intent of the site. The creator(s) have provided a source of inspiration by presenting many potentially useful and interesting items for your consideration. By rattling around the site, I found a lot I'm glad to know about.

Traditional Jazz Educators Network This website focuses on pulling kids into the music. It has an outstanding essay on the various Traditional jazz styles, plus various info, resources and links.
Traditional Jazz (Dixieland) K. Quick This is but one module of a site that has a Bluegrass page, and a selection of fun and weird links to lead you astray when you should be doing something useful... 
Kaye Wade's Home Page Loads of links re Dixieland and some more general music topics.
Cotton Club Orchestra Home Page Website of an Australian 30s orchestra, with loads of links.
Eric Holroyd's Home Page Another Australian site with a variety of links. Eric goes to Jazz festivals on the West Coast, and has photos of DJML "Face2Faces".
Heptune Classical Jazz and Blues Lyrics Page
This page contains hundreds of lyrics transcribed from classic records to 1948. It also has many links to jazz, blues and lyrics pages. Scroll down the entire page! Go to the home page and you'll find all sorts of interesting and fun stuff to while the hours away.

These sites have extensive information on Dixieland and Traditional Jazz history:

Jazz Overview  When you get there, click on "Big Bands Database", when that page comes up, scroll down to "Dixieland/Jazz" and click.
Tom Morgan's Jazz Roots: Early Jazz Be sure to explore the other sections of this website...

Louis Armstrong Chronology of his recording sessions, listing the tunes recorded. No discographical info or personnel.
Bix Beiderbecke This site is a fount of info on Bix, his life and music, and includes a very active Message Board.
Jelly Roll Morton Major biography and discography, lots of pictures and documents. The website has all sorts of other information relating to 1920s piano and rolls, plus midi files.
Fats Waller Includes a major discography and a list of his compositions.

Four String Mailing List  Discusses all aspects of tenor and plectrum banjos and banjo playing. 

Banjo website  Contains all sorts of information on tenor and plectrum banjos, links to lessons and books, etc.

Washboards International
Traditional Jazz   Click on "Features" for pages on classic drummers, and a page on the role of Gospel music in Traditional Jazz.

Swing/BigBand/New Swing

Big Band Website History of big bands, directory of working swing bands, big or small, message board re exchange of big band arrangements.

Swinglist  SwingList membership consists mainly of swing dancers and some of the musicians and leaders of nightclub bands that cater to swing dancers. Discussions center on dancing, the clubs, bands, vintage clothing, dance floor protocol, and to an increasing extent, the original Swing music genres; members are very good about providing information when someone asks where the action is in a particular city.

Washington DC City Paper Music Calendar

Washington Post Music Calendar

Washington DCDanceNet Includes a separate page for Swing events.

Swing Dance--Baltimore Area

Dance Dance Dance \Swing Dance Clubs and Organizations


US Swing Dance Server

Music of the 20s, 30s, 40s: Records, History, Printed Music 
British and American Dancebands  This attractive website has all sorts of information on the 2-beat show and pop music of the era, as well as on the media that preserved it, particularly 78rpm records.

78-l Mailing List  "78-L is a discussion group devoted to music and recordings of the pre-LP era. The list is open to collectors and lovers of all kinds of music of this era, such as early jazz and blues, big bands, show music, vaudeville, classical, etc., as well as spoken word and other historical recordings ... recording history, discography, the collectors' market, and vintage phonographs ..." Much discussion of record players, restoration of 78s, and CD reissues.

Tyrone's Record and Phonograph Page  Mainly devoted to 78s. Of particular interest is it's extensive links page.

Past Perfect Records Includes a Bulletin Board. Past Perfect has many excellant CD collections of our music.

John Farrell's Midi Files  Farrell is a British stride pianist who makes piano rolls; he also makes wonderful midi files that can be downloaded from his site. If you want to play the tunes, he has sheet music versions of most of them for sale.

Printed Music source: YesterTunes Charles Anderson of San Diega CA made it his mission in life to preserve the old American pop and jazz music. 1. He collected sheet music and lead sheets, put them into lead sheet format, compiled them into a reference library of ca. 9000 tunes that occupies 8 large-size loose-leaf binders. 2. He collected ca. 8000 vintage published dance orchestra and other arrangements. He sold copies of all this, making it possible for many more people to play the music. Before he died, he passed his collections on to YesterTunes, which continues to make them available at reasonable cost. YesterTunes has several printed catalogs of the arrangements.

I Catalog my CD collection in a series of databases. They are in the standard .dbf format which most major database and spreadsheet programs can import. I'll be happy to eMail the files (in .zip format) to anyone who wants them. This page includes a list of CD dealers I use regularly.

Miscellaneous Links

Ace Records Hotlinks

Library of Musical Links

Directory of Music Publishers

Washington Wedding Guide


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